The Rinaju management staff's intention?A】

【 movement to account item system 】
・The rabbit cap and the rabbit ring were put up as an appendix of Rinajumastarbcc upper and lower volume. Both were attractive items, and a lot of users bought the mastering book.
・Naturally, it bought, and there was a user who sold the appendix item on the game in the inside with tens of though it had dealings on the game, too.
・It was a location 【 appendix 】 of the mastering book to the last this time. As a matter of fact, was the book an appendix or was the item an appendix or it honest and was it opposite?The person who thinks also thinks many. Did it only have to be sold the item usually as an account item?The user who thinks also seems a lot.
・And, the doubt is a correct answer.
・There had to have been "It was official recognition RMT" etc. and a person who criticized in the inside for it, too, if the account item system was suddenly introduced.
・This time, I think that the view thought to have done the test pet to the account item system as 【 appendix 】 of the mastering book is correct.
・It might be convincing if it is thought that it was a purpose to forecast how much earnings raised if statistics of this sales are taken, what kind of user, the character class, the level, the age, the occupation, the Rine calendar, and the number etc. of purchase are examined, and it makes it to the account item system. There is no first stage of substance 【 account item system 】 it up to saying. NCJ will examine the account item based on this data in the future.

・Then, why did NCJ start the examination of the account item system?
・It is easy. The purpose is to raise earnings.

・There was a superstition "The heavy user was supporting MMO", "The game declines when the heavy user was despised", and "The MMO doesn't consist when the RMT market price dropped sharply" at the MMO dawn.
・This is meaning true of certain. A lot of users are heavy users, and they support and have developed MMO at the dawn low the acknowledgment level as for MMO at the dawn, too and.
・However, the situation changed with the maturation of MMO by the development of great participation and the marketing research, etc. of the light user.
・However, it is seen that there is pioneering of dawn MMO for NC and NCJ, too and it clung to the superstition. If management up to one work away from home Chinese BAN in July, 2005 last year is seen, it is understood from obviously the operating policy of the heavy user overemphasis it.
・Light user's new entry is made to be obstructed, and RMT is relied on through necessity in a stoic play environment to extremity so that the light user who has the restriction at new participation or the play time may play comfortably. As a result, it connected with the work away from home Chinese heaven making as not seen in other MMO.
・The light user who lost Caba was decreased sharply by the Caba occupation by the result and the no manners worker etc. , and pandemonium was invited by the secession of the heavy user who abandoned it. It is not designed on the assumption of contention and the Caba struggle for supremacy, and existing though it exists ..not bounding irregularly.. 【 work away from home 】 cannot be divided in the user as the specification. ..sovereignty duel of Caba.. specification certain Rinaju

・It is not a heavy user but a light user that drops a lot of real cash = money on the game when frankly saying.

・If it is an environment, the light user who doesn't have time can raise earnings or more the game design that can be enjoyed.
・Then, the account item system is paid to attention.

・In MMO of the account item system, do as a classification of the item?
Graphic variation addition of @ avatar
Example:Figure and equipping graphic, etc.Item in convenient A game
Example:Arms, protector unavailable only because of account item, and
other tools, etc.Supporting tool made play environment of comfortable B
Example:I roughly think enhancing, the status initialization,
experience value UP function, and the death risk reduction, etc. of the
warehouse function to be these three points.
・Actually in MMO of the account item system

The light user buys the account item, it is sold to the heavy user in the game, and game money
is obtained.

It usually turns. As a result, the light user enjoys playing a game because the play time is made to be shortened, and he or she buries the difference with the heavy user.
・It is at the point of the heavy user's not dropping RM, and buying the account item with game money as an item in the game that pays attention here.
・In a word, the light user centers chiefly, the account item is dropped, and purchase = RM is dropped in MMO of the account item system.

Caraspecc of ..measurement.. ≒ of turning on at time

Caraspecc of ..measurement.. ≒ of time turning on amount + turning on of cash

The vicinity and the light user can cover few of the time amount of turning on by turning on cash, and enjoy a comfortable game life.

・Please refer to MMO of the following Gung Ho system as an example of the reference of
the account item system.


・If the account item system is introduced, being able to obtain earnings that are greater than monthly sum Cakinsei becomes common sense in today's MMO.
・However, it is also true that there are a lot of monthly sum Cakinsei like MMO that so-called 【 masochist play 】 is done through necessity. It is judged that the purpose is to adopt the policy of the heavy user overemphasis in MMO so though the reason has not been examined in detail yet. Heavy user's 【 privilege 】 can collapse for the account item system because of such a game.
・Naturally, Rinaju is MMO of the heavy user overemphasis type. The game design becomes an advantageous heavy user.
・However, it is also true that there is Rinaju during transition.
・The heavy user is a center, there is a current state in which a new user can hardly participate, and the number of users might be single-minded of a decrease if going as it is.
・Actually, it seems that it is also true to have secured earnings in the migrant worker's account. It occurred last year, and however, the protest movement and the price in Rinaju large-scale. It was not possible to leave it by the progress of the RMT investigation of the concern and the government agency to RMT such as 'Daybreak of Gaia' that took up the RMT problem in the com riot and TV Tokyo-affiliated and other major newspapers etc.
・As a result, NCJ came to strengthen the management of work away from home Chinese worker's account positively now. Naturally, their account was not able to expect it. It changed into it, and the user's acquisition became a pressing need.
・In a word, it is cover enough as for the cost of the work away from home measures more than the account of the work away from home Chinese worker.

Approach on game design that obtains account of light user

The test pet to becoming full-scale , account item system was executed.

・There is the maximum advantage of frequency's to which the light user does RMT from work away from home RMT trader decreasing, causing a decrease in the migrant worker itself, and becoming a comfortable game environment, too, if the account item system is introduced. I want to pay attention to this movement in the future.

・I think that it can understand the posture to the event of recent NCJ from seeing in
such an aspect.


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